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News Hosting

Get the best News Hosting in Nepal from HostingSewa!

News blogs or sites are not as regular web hosting plans. They need more resources and load balancing.

  • News Portal
  • Infomation Desk
  • Enterprise Publice Release
  • Load Balancing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Higher Concurrent Users
  • DDOS Prevention
  • Spam Prevention
  • More CPU & RAM
  • High Traffic

Popular News Hosting in Nepal

We have understood the need of small and big industry who runs high traffic news portal. With our past experience we have servers for running small news blog to high traffic news portal.


News Portal

News portal can vary from small business news to large news agency news. This can be for a startup who want to run a news site.


Personal Reviews Blog

Some people perosnally run standalone news sites, and they promote on various social medias. Personal news sites are best suited for affliated marketers and review sites.


News Agency News Portal

Registered news agency like OnlineKhabar having multi author and that are well established in market with their own news brand. We provide SEO optmision from HostingSewa and help them how to grow their overall brand.


Freelance Journalisim

Some independent news journalist or reporter who want to have their say from their own blog or website.


Niche & Automatic News Sites

As we have seen increase in niche news sites just ran for ads runing and profit motive without a brand value yet experiences high traffic. So, we had designed such plans too.


Artist/Designer & Photographer

Create your own artworks, store in the server and share the links to download to many people. It acts a personal cloud for designer, painter, creative artist, photographers, and developers too.