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Get the best Business Hosting in Nepal from HostingSewa!

When downtime is not an option for you, Business hosting for your business or any other blog expansion scenerio.

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Popular Business Hosting in Nepal

Find out the reasons why you should consider HostingSewa for business hosting in Nepal.


Travel Blogger

Travel blog tend to have more resources and images as compared to traditional blog or websites. Hence, it requires more server resources.


Small News Agency

Small news agency has flactuation in website traffic. But, before upgrading to News Plan, small news plans should consider Business hosting which saves money.


Small Applications

Small applications also sometime requires a lot of computing resources and hence need to have a Business plan to prevent from Downtime


Freelance Developer

Freelance developer works for their client from home. Though no high traffic required, but still need to host multiple sites for multiple clinets takes resources in background.


Email Hosting

From small to large companies who want to create unique email address for many business personal and allocate their own storage.


Artist/Designer & Photographer

Create your own artworks, store in the server and share the links to download to many people. It acts a personal cloud for designer, painter, creative artist, photographers, and developers too.