Web Hosting Price in Nepal 2019

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Getting Started with a Simple Website

If you have your business, then it has become a must to have a website in Nepal to show your online presence. Nepal is getting into the digital world. We have seen the increase of Digital Nepal in recent years.

The very first step that you must take for developing a website is to register the right domain name for it. As soon as you have made your site, it is necessary to acquire the visitors to your site.

Instead, you might build a website with e-commerce capabilities versus a static site. Then if your website proliferates, or you end up needing different features in the future, you may always upgrade.

Hosts like HostingSewa provide completely free online website builders and pretty much features to run a business on your website.

Alternatively, an E-commerce Website

Well, after hosting a site you’re able to sell a lot of goods and services under one account. Now you updated the products and wished to allow them to know so they’d re-consider purchasing.

Whenever someone purchased a good or service, it’s not merely the caliber of the product itself that they’re looking for; the majority of the time they value the customer service which goes together with the item even more than the product itself.

Web Hosting Price in Nepal Explained


2019 Website Hosting Package Price in Nepal; We have listed web hosting price in Nepal regarding various packages. This includes Website hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting and Reseller Hosting price in Nepal.

By, it’s a business owner’s responsibility to select the platform that could satisfy the corporation’s needs best. Ask lots of questions when you employ a search engine optimization company. As a consequence, the company can receive customers with only a few clicks.

If you own a product-based business, then you can go with an eCommerce site. And when you have a service-based business, then you can obtain a simple website. An individual can shape his marketplace in any conceivable way with a tiny bit of help from a broad selection of plugins.

You have to pay hosting charges. We have listed services and cost price for you which you will find below in the section hosting package price in Nepal.

Legally, you should set a business organization.  HostingSewa provides you various services as per your website needs.

The selection of the platform is among the very first big steps which you take during the growth of the undertaking, and it defines lots of things.

Integrated with the majority of the more significant marketing and advertising tools it’s a remarkable alternative. For example, with a good video player with a premium feel that can’t indeed be matched by platforms like Youtube.

Through your analysis, you will be better prepared to estimate your organization costs, permitting you to gather a valuable proposal that will satisfy lender and investor requirements.

The first costs related to getting your shop started will likely consume a substantial part of your finances, particularly if your store necessitates anything from the ordinary. The cost is in NPR as it’s a Nepal based web host.

Web Hosting Packages Price in Nepal

We have listed Web Hosting package price in Nepal regarding various packages includes Website hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting and Reseller Hosting price in Nepal.

HostingSewa’s Web Hosting Price list in Nepal regarding various packages are as follows.

Nepal Website Hosting Price

Hosting PackagePrice in Nepal (NPR) per month
Standard SewaNPR 100
Advance SewaNPR 150
Business SewaNPR 320
Unlimited SewaNPR 7000 per year

Nepal Cloud Hosting Price

Cloud Hosting PackagePrice in Nepal (NPR) per month
Personal Cloud Sewa – C1NPR 1475
Business Cloud Sewa – C2NPR 1603
Professional Cloud Sewa – C3NPR 1698

Nepal Dedicated Servers Price

Hosting PackagePrice in Nepal (NPR) per month
Standard Dedicated SewaNPR 8127
Advanced Dedicated SewaNPR 9075
Professional Dedicated SewaNPR 10024
Enterprise Dedicated SewaNPR 10972

Nepal Reseller Hosting Price

Reseller PackagePrice in Nepal (NPR) per month
Micro Reseller SewaNPR 1584
Mini Reseller SewaNPR 2247
Midi Reseller SewaNPR 2703

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