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Auto responder module in Panel Sewa or Cpanel is used to respond to a mail received at  user end automatically as set by the user. This module is more useful when the same response has to be sent to any of the sender that sends mail to a particular mail id.This reduces the time and human effort.
The VPS hosting and cloud hosting companies are now a days deeply into providing number of useful functionalities related to mail as a result of which the auto responder functionality has vital role in it.

Here is the Video on How to create mail Autoresponder in Panel Sewa or Cpanel:

The function of auto responder is as follows.
For example a mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. when receives mail has to  reply as “Thank you for contacting us your query will be resolved soon”.
Then the mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. can be configured in auto responder what reply has to be given is defined in it.
The interface of auto responder module is as shown in the below image.

AS we can see the in the above image the auto responder configuration is the simple form where you need to add the details as how the mail has to be replied.

In the first option named as “Email” the mail should be selected which is followed by the drop down menu which has the domains hosted in the VPS Sever or cloud server.

What should be the subject of the mail which has to be replied.

Here in this case the from does not refers to the from mail address but the person or organisation  on whos name this reply has to be sent.

If enabled the check box you can use the html tags into the body of the mail.

This as the name suggests the body of the mail where the description of the mail is given.

Once you click on create, the auto responder configuration completes you can see the created auto responder on the screen.

Now once after creating the Auto Responder mail and now if you want to edit it you can do it or if you want to delete it you can even do it by clicking on delete option.
This way the auto responder takes it to the next level of mail functions.

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