Basic guidance of cPanel

  General FAQs
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Basic guidance of cpanel

How to upload files in the file manager.below links will help you to upload website files in the file manager.
How to add add-on domain in your account.
How to create FTP accounts in cpanel.

How to take backup in cpanel.

How to Backup & Restore a Website in cPanel?

How To Set up a Database using the MySQL Database Wizard?

How  to create mysql user in cpanel
6.Setting up a Remote MySQL Database Connection

How to create and manage a sub-domain in cpanel.

How to do domain redirection in cpanel.

How to point Domain with Hosting.
How to Create and Edit DNS Zone Files?

How to create and manage email accounts.

How to set email forwarder.
B. how to configure email routing.

C. How to set up Email Default Address in cPanel

How to set up  autoresponder in cPanel.

How to Create and Manage Mailing Lists in Cpanel?

How to Use Mail Track Delivery In Cpanel?
How to Create a spam email filter In cPanel.
How to configure Email authentication in cPanel.
How to Import Email Accounts & Forwarders into Linux cPanel?
How to get the visitor count in cpanel?

How to Create Custom Error pages in cPanel?

How to block a specific IP address from accessing the website.

How to enable “short_open_tag” On in cPanel.

How Do I Increase The PHP Upload Limits in cPanel?

Changing File Permissions in cPanel.
How To Set Up Cron Jobs In cPanel

How to calculate my CPU usage in cPanel.

How to run the Virus Scanner in cPanel.

How can I reset my cPanel password for my domain?

About Password Protect Directories or Directory Privacy.

How to Use cPanel User Manager?

How to install WordPress on cPanel.

How to install WordPress Theme Manually
29.How to Install Applications in cPanel?

30. Ram limit exceeded.
How to access ssh in cPanel.
How to set the Auto BCC for an email account?

33. how-to-install-wordpress-on-cpanel

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